Amaury Raphaël Carole Nicolas Laurent

Birth date: September, 1st 1976.

His life outside of P(e) : project leader in in-car software.

Influences :
> Igor Cavalera (ex Sepultura), my first slap. How drums can drive a piece, and how to digest influences as far as thrash metal and Brasilian traditional music. Then I listened a lot to Iron maiden, Metallica, Slayer, before exploring  Dark Tranquility, In Flames, Burzum, Satyricon...
> Martin Lopez (ex-Opeth), for his latino-jazzy feeling as well as brutal death, but always relevant.
> John Macaluso (ex-Ark), in a more rock/prog style, for his creativity - while staying unobtrusive.
> Steward Copeland (Police) in another genre...

Favorite bands: Opeth, Iron Maiden, Dark Tranquillity, Symphony X, Dimmu Borgir, SUP, Orphaned Land, Ark, Portishead, Radiohead, Muse, Ghinzu, Ttes Raides....

5 bedside abums: Metropolis Part 2 (Dream Theater), Cybion (Kalisia), Mabool (Orphaned Land), Ghost Reveries (Opeth), OK Computer (Radiohead).

5 favorite pieces : Infinite Dreams (Iron Maiden), The Gallery (Dark Tranquillity), The Odyssey (Symphony X), The Drapery Falls (Opeth), Paranod Androd (Radiohead).

Rack / Hardware :
> Customized Acoustic Pearl Maxwin
> Electronic Roland TD6KV + samples NSKIT7
> Iron Cobra Flexiglide

Cymbals :
> Splash VB 10", Furia 8" Stagg, China DH 14" Stagg
> Crash 13" Ufip ; 16" Paiste Alpha
> Power Crash 18" UFIP Class Serie
> Charley Medium 14" Paiste Alpha
> Full ride 20" Paiste Alpha