Amaury Raphaël Carole Nicolas Laurent

Birth date: October, 6th 1978.

His life outside of P(e): journalist.

Influences : Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden), John Drenning (Crimson Glory), John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Robert Fripp (King Crimson), Tore Ostby (Ark, Conception).

Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Crimson Glory, Dream Theater, Iced Earth, Spock's Beard, Symphony X, King crimson, Coroner, Children of Bodom, Superior, Genesis, Ark...

5 bedside abums: In the court of the crimson king (King Crimson), Snow (Spock's Beard), Metropolis 2 (Dream Theater), Seventh son of a seventh son (Iron Maiden), Burn the sun (Ark).

5 favorite pieces: Alexander the great (Iron Maiden), 21st century schizoid man (King Crimson), Metropolis part 1 (Dream Theater), The light (Spock's Beard), Out of the ashes (Symphony X).

Ibanez RG2420
Selva 555

Pod XTLive