Amaury Raphaël Carole Nicolas Laurent

Birth date: March, 22nd 1981.

His life outside of P(e): engineer in mechanics

Influences: Kiko Loureiro (Angra), for his incredible touch and fluidity. One day I turned on the radio and heard his version of Painkiller (Judas Priest): I stood open-mouthed with admiration. That's like this that I discovered (quite lately) melodic heavy metal, and I never recovered from it!
And I have to mention my 2 gods: John Petrucci (Dream Theater) and Michael Romeo (Symphony X), who have 2 quite different - but very efficient - styles, and who are a great source of inspiration for me.
Concerning keyboards: Herbie Hancock (and his unstoppable riffs), John Coltrane for the smart mix between melodies and scales exploration. And a big admiration for Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) who reinvented heavy metal keyboards.

Favorite bands: Dream Theater, Symphony X, Angra, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Shadow Gallery, Circus Maximus, A.C.T., Aching Beauty (RIP)... And more classical things: Deep Purple, Toto, les Trois Accords, Vienna Art Orchestra, Beethoven...

5 bedside abums: Images & Words (Dream Theater), The Divine Wings of Tragedy (Symphony X), The Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden), Holy Land (Angra), Symbolic (Death).

5 favorite pieces: Pull me Under (Dream Theater), Painkiller (Judas Priest), Sea of Lies (Symphony X), Peruvian Skies (Dream Theater), Mirror Mirror (Blind Guardian).

> Guitars:
Jackson AX/S DK10 Dinky
Hohner HS Special
Epiphone DR200
Ibanez RG 7-620

> Multi-effects:
Korg AX1G
Line6 POD HD400

> Keyboards:
Korg X50