Amaury Raphaël Carole Nicolas Laurent

Birth date: December,8th 1975.

His life outside of P(e): technical director.

Influences: Everything began with Steve Harris (obviously!) when I started playing the bass, followed by Cliff Burton. Those 2 ones mix energy, rythm and melody like no other. Then Stuart Hamm's solo albums (incredible technique). Later, the gigantic slap of Pascal Mulot, with his album Purple Eyes. Second slap with his second album Bass & Love. Got very impressed too when I saw (but not heard ;-) John Myung with his 6-strings.

Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Vanden Plas, Ark, Fear Factory, Peter and the test tube babies (that's punk) and instrumental metal (Patrick Rondat, Pascal Mulot, Joe Satriani).

5 bedside abums: Reroute to remain (In Flames), Meteora (Linkin Park), Killers (Iron Maiden), Images and words (Dream Theater), Ride the lightning (Metallica).

5 favorite pieces: Free fall (In Flames), Don't stay (Linkin Park), Killers (Iron Maiden), The Ceremony (Joe Satriani), Replica (Fear Factory).

Fretted 6-strings active bass built by the stringed-instrument maker Didier Duboscq
Fretless 6-strings active bass built by Didier Duboscq
Squier Jazz Bass
Washburn 6-strings active bass

Multieffects Boss GT-6B
Preamp / DI SansAmp BassDI

Amp Fender BXR-300
Amp Laney 50W