Amaury Raphaël Carole Nicolas Laurent

The beginning

>Early 2000 : Raphaël (drums) et Olivier (keyboards) meet up in Paris after having played together in Brest. If Olivier's heart is inclined to favor pop music, he's also a huge fan of Dream Theater. And hence he accepts to dive into the heavy metal world. They hire Amaury (bass) and, after a few Internet searches, Nicolas (guitar).

> March-September 2000 : several singers and lead guitar players will take their chance in a band who still searches for his own musical identity, between strong influences of heavy metal from the 80's and progressive desires. The band fixes his choice on Kristina, a lyric singer fan of Nightwish. A little later, Alain turns up as the new guitar soloist. Even if he's not a huge metal addict, this student in musicology perfectly plays his role.

> Fall 2000 : Nicolas leaves the band, at that time named Wildred, to continue his journalism studies in Tours. Wildred will carry on with just one guitar player, but will throw in the towel following the recording of a 3-tracks demo.

The reunion

> Summer 2002: Nicolas, back in Paris, contacts Raphaël again. Olivier, on his side, is definitively lost for the metal cause. Amaury joins the duet a little time later. Nicolas then finds, still by Internet, that special someone tocomplement him: Laurent.

> On the other hand, singers become scarce. Several of them will follow but it's not getting on fine. The band will also host a keyboard player during several rehearsals, Thomas. But Thomas wants a fully operational band, whereas Perpetual (e)motion is still starting out. He then decides to leave.

> Fall 2003, Benoît Quincy joins P(e) as a singer.
Several gigs with this line-up will enable P(e) to test the compositions live.

> January 2005 : Benoît leaves P(e) to devote himself to Octantis, his other band.
The auditions for his replacement start but, once again, it turns out to be difficult to find that special someone.
In parallel, P(e) finally finds his new keyboard player: Maxime, who's not especially fond of metal, but whose open-mindedness fully fits with the band.

> December 2005 : After Maxime's departure, Laurent decides to wear the 2 hats of guitarist and keyboard player.

> July 2006 : After numerous auditions of male and female singers with various musical styles, Carole becomes the new singer of Perpetual (e)motion. A few arrangements later, the recipe combining the lyric-heavy singing and the progressive metal of the current PE takes shape.

Witness of Entropy

> 2010 : P(e) releases their first 6-tracks demo, recorded at Raphaël's home. Witness of entropy includes all that makes the "P(e) sound": music continually vary between powerful guitar riffs and orchestral keyboard melodies, on complex structures where tempos, signatures and scales submit to hopes, sorrows, rebellion...
From the heart of this unpredictable mechanism soars a flight of female chant, inspired by the lyric world as well as heavy metal, scanning lyrics fed by current events and fiction...